Mark Young


from Genji Monogatari


III: The Shell of the Locust

Signal bits stored in the
pulsating circular
patterns of the fan blades
determine the relationships
between speech & writing.
Elsewhere, grazed or un-
grazed pasture is immaterial
to the rise of prairie dog
communities & the storage
of words in long-term
memory. She read Derrida—
nothing else to do through
the long twilight hours—
& thought about the
mystical character of the
fetish, a garrulous mute
made from black wool lapt
about with black silk &
tied at the top in a pony-
tail. Semiotics no longer
depends on logic. The only
insecticides which might
make a difference are banned.



X. The Sacred Tree

Affirmation blankets, New World
flags, talismen, Native American
flutes, dowsing rods, statues for the
musically inclined among you. &
for jam band fans who are there
more for the event than the music
an automated teller machine
waits to eat the nine nuts of
poetic wisdom dropped into
the sacred pool from the hazel tree
growing beside it. The Russian
guy sips his coffee from a poly-
styrene cup, mentally mistranslating
that Phish song which reveals
Colonel Forbin's deep feelings
for Tela. She doesn't let go of his
hand. He can't let go of his terminal
cancer, beautifully embroidered on
100% linen. The pond is frozen
over. There is nothing outside
the text. Genji's visits, never
frequent, have stopped altogether.


XXVIII. The Typhoon

The destruction of
text rather than
the deconstruction
of it. An automatic
book scanner hard
at work in the
next room, Linnaeus
on the platen, other
botanical treatises
before, after. With the
typhoon now not far
away he had hoped
to save not the garden
but a description of
what was in it. But.
Old fonts not suited
to OCR—the bloffoms
are not diptinguifhed
and feeds are laid
to be ftrongly
. Behind
lowered shutters
Akikonomu worried
about her autumn flowers.


LII. The Drake Fly

What am I doing
wrong here? The object
oriented paradigm I
am attempting to
create seems to be
made of the same
material that causes
theft detectors to go
off in a department
store. I should have
listened to Gauguin's
advice to van Gogh—
never buy anything
in the vicinity of
a man dressed as a
gladiator. & yet,
whether or not one
agrees with the
assumptions, geo-
engineering the Earth
to control rising temper-
atures should be able
to be done without
breaking the budget. I
hear the European Union
is introducing a common
system integrating group
psychology with psycho-
analytic theories of object
relations. My housemates
are a 28 yo female & a
30 yo male. The small
catfish we got from
the river as 1" babies
are now 5" in length.


LIV. The Floating Bridge of Dreams

There are significant
differences in the
sequence length of
immobilized DNA in
the new batch of lap-
top chips Intel rolled
out on Monday. Today,
of course, we are likely
to have rain. The browser
window open under the
browser window I had
open to search Google
for references to the
drake fly has playing
one of one hundred &
forty-eight YouTube
clips of The Rolling Stones
doing Sympathy for the
Devil. Most of them
are about the fishing
lure whose etymology
is entomology. I type in
"Murasaki" & spend the
remainder of the near
nine minutes replaying
our cached millenium.


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