Hugh Tribbey



Other than set detention on the court.
Sing as you hoe.
Ease off.  Canna canna be.
We’ll go sour if we see even you.
Whatcha back at?
Seesaw bet a rug court.
Where glee dow.
Suit a can, mama.
What you suit too.
See how crush, ah you.
Say you, whatcha figure?
Yah, tea contour.
Visual capaction there.
Totally tomato, register fifty times.
Coffee shirt, they coffee shirt.
Coffee shit.  You eat them.
Sim sim.  Oh yeah, she hold sheer,
she hold sheer.

[Translitic. Woman overheard speaking a foreign language in Tucson Airport, 6/1/08.]





j3sopoz chr3ess jwesoz chreess vahe-4 some mnu uu tr3fe73d fruoog hzee lund un 'erd-vurkeen mujn und brefe- ahe-4 seeed ta" zee reech, re3ght, 'g3efe-a yur bresS ta' zee blEedeen" Puur,' b0ot zeey leeed jseoios cHreess in 'ees grefe-a jesoos vvAhe-a some mun, som3 caqrpenta by "und heEs full00ers t0Roe-a und brefe- aono3-a durty vee-a coo3rd ce7ledj oodes iscereeut h3z LEeed jessoos chreEsz in ees grefe-a he-a vent t4 zee preecher, he-A ve|\|t ta"z ee shrffff he--a tuld zeem ell ze3 sem-ea sellelL ooff yur jooe7ry und geefe-4 it ta" zee puur,' und zeey leeed jesoos chr3es sin '3Ezg refe-a!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~~~ wotd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~ FRYMAH HIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~ you aRe suck vede jseoos coom-a ta" teh,n ereght, ell Zwe vurkeeN Fu7ks ruonoD belEeeefd vut e-a deeed sey boot zee b7uoo/\/\en bunkers ound zee preechars, re3ght, zeey nneeelerd "wem oon zee cruds, und ze3y leeed jesoos chreess in eees grefe-4. AHX0R YOUYUUUUUU because u r lame~~ word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~ LOLOLOLOLLLOLO!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~ frY mah hide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~~ u nd zee lbujes "Eld zeeur breeffff vee zeey 'eaRd ebuot 'ees deeffffd ef"nfry freuy vunner3d vhy it vahE-a zEe blouomen" beeg lundlurd und zeee suldeearsd et zeey 'ured tu neeeel jesaoos chreess in zee bleedeen sky deesr appeD vahe-a vreettee in noO yurk ceety ooFf reech umn, preecher, reegHt,, ud slefe-4 eff"nf jesoos vAhe- atA pre3ch vut 'e-a preeched in gEle3le3-a, z3ey vu00le leu puur jdsoos in"3es grefe-a!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~~ wrod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 LOLOLOLO... fry mha hidE!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~ LLOLOLOLLL~~~~

[Woody Guthrie’s “Jesus Christ” + dialecticizer software]

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