Matina L. Stamatakis

Sulphur &

a cry becomes a dark street
constricting direction
the deserter of detonated
lots & suddenly

night is silent in its onyx plumage
night is a tunnel guest & vagrant

beside: to sleep the joy away
& nerve, steel eyelids upholding
the droop invoking underground
battles & omnipresence drenched
in soot


Voice: spring with levity,

recede--a resounding open-mouthed, delicate light: hands of
subterranean perceptibility lips beyond an open stare
abound with a [gentle] white light of
rustling, rustling, rustling voice

pretend its flying with a spring of craqueleur
ricochet neck ascension

behind, hands dart twines fructify [bare]
the sinuous light of rain rooftops steady in retroflex: the body closing, cloistering, ponder
the seasons sprint of

daring white light sinews & joints
grease-slicked with youth
longitudinal summons start do not bend
backward beyond a concave mirror
of expectations


cells & star tacks
a conduit of straining

fibers, torn fibers, torn thew
torn to final leapt

of blood rushed then squeezed to:
vertigo: trapezium: a coagulum

I: the organs & strings
machine billowing & into
these ventriloquist words
their arches pushed pins

assume the finite
creases of mouth space

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