Cindy Savett

the hanging


stand the muted     tossing their words
                             to gray

the Halfway       strand of blue

their names forgiven by the rope



caught in nets
their eyes rolled

crowded      in rows of lips
their prayers sought
the red voice

white sails crawled from their tongues

thousands of hands ripped the night     into cords     of darkened song

and because the hanging failed
the leaves shook their violence air shrieked of silence

foreheads lay splintered on
the glass earth



I comb the roads     factories of the night
for your beating breath

I float my
unstrung life among whispers from your window

trade your blue air for my hands

you climb the knotted sand
scratch      sanctuary      from green time

you disturb my blackeyes with peace



undressed words
lie scattered
across my sheets     the frayed blanket
                               and this coiled wind

I am branded by my hollow eyes
and pull boundaries around my body at night
          defend myself against a cement sun
          and the whirling

without orange stems
I fade to the night



questions of the blade from beyond
buried in your mouth

          song of blackwood

I hold your hot hands
by the breath I inhale

the herd of blue sticks
called to listen    dark holes
                         to steady my tongue



my palm lies
out of blue prayer

             confiscating the weight of time

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