David Rushmer

Remains To Be Seen

before the first word fallen
cry of an animal
imperceptible distance

my life a circle
written in its centre

absence of my breath
carved in your shape

the liquids
through its channels

giving birth to a movement
birds set black flames
alight in the sky

Sound Asleep


with your bones
and the rain that falls
on the naked wind
outlines the shape
of when I am dead

the name you gave me

came from my mouth
in yours

my hands dissolving
rubbed out by our blood

inside our body

a music of disappearing
beneath your skin
approaching reflection
urges him towards lightning
flushing a carcass
blushed a bruising sky

her mouth

abandoning my ghost
in the torn flesh of air
we have come the distance
the whole of the eyes

A Journey Through The Body

moment after the world has been achieved

when speech advances
in flames

bleed through the skin

flushing a carcass

tear my lungs
with the spread of your wings

the sky

a fist
inside my veins

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