Nate Pritts


shock of blue sky

gentle grass rise        green spent drained pale        shock of blue sky
drained grass blue pale        gentle green shock        rise spent of sky
gentle pale of        rise drained sky blue        spent grass green shock

gentle shock of        sky grass blue        drained pale rise spent
green of pale shock        gentle spent sky        blue drained rise grass
drained shock pale spent        blue green gentle        of sky grass rise

sky blue grass green        drained of shock rise        gentle spent pale
shock of blue pale        spent green of sky        spent gentle drained
shock of pale rise        drained spent gentle        green grass blue sky

grass rise drained blue        sky spent gentle        shock pale of green
blue sky shock pale        gentle rise drained        of grass green spent
green of pale shock        gentle spent sky        blue drained rise grass

sky of spent rise        shock green gentle        pale blue grass drained
drained gentle spent        sky of green spent        pale blue of shock
sky blue of shock        pale drained spent green        raise grass gentle




feel this remember

empty branches        I don't feel this        remember that
remember this        feel empty I        don't that branches
I don't feel that        this remember        branches empty

feel that branches        remember I        this don't empty
I don't empty        feel remember        that this branches
empty branches        feel this I don't        remember that

I feel empty        don't remember        this that branches
I empty don't        remember feel        this branches that
branches that this        remember don't        empty feel I

branches that don't        feel empty I        this remember
remember I        don't feel empty        this that branches
empty this that        I remember        branches don't feel

branches feel this        I that empty        remember don't
don't empty this        feel that branches        I remember
that remember        this feel don't I        branches empty




me then in pines


me in that then        one tree was all        pines crumbling farms
all was one tree        me crumbling in        farms that then pines
one tree pines in        me was all then        that crumbling farms

pines then crumbling        me that then was        all in tree farms
me tree was all        crumbling then pines        that farms in one
me pines then that        all empty farms        crumbling in one tree

crumbling me in        that then pines all        farms one tree was
one in farms that        pines then crumbling        all was tree me
was one tree        in me crumbling        pines all that then

farms tree in all        was then that me        crumbling then pines
me that tree then        all crumbling in        pines farms one was
then that all pines        crumbling me in        tree one was

pines crumbling farms        me was one tree        all in that then
one tree was all        me in that then        crumbling pines farms
farms crumbling pines        all was tree one        then that in me




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