Lance Newman


Standard California Climate


It was the years of cream,
the oldest glaciers
covered in ironwood,
life exotic as Tehachapi.

The Well forested
the surface with petroleum,
the substance of drought
and coastal explorers.

The capitalists of the State
Century were fiercely world,
their oil strip owned
and not just by teaspoonfuls.

Fresh water was for the Valley,
its species dredging mightily,
the belief being productivity
was the seed of dryland flows.

The Pacific was primeval
as Indians, who imported water,
insect heat, and grasslands.
Sacramento represented Mojave

when Tahoe medicine discovered
the spaces snow leaves
are sustainable as erosion
in a total forested age.

Seaports found miles of takings
made half of Pacific tides
and half western commerce,
annual as badwater fires.

The Valley, that other South
clothed in subtropical trees
from bay to star field,
collected borders like Old Virginia.

They nearly named summer
mild as grass. They factored
in population and saltwater
gushers for agricultural wells.

Great Arizona believed
in petroleum spring, bound to spans
of carbon drought and carbon plenty,
an income property sloped to frost.

In Mexico, native mountains
embraced a dose of wildfire.
Hemlocks fell in common,
revolutionised by climate.


Then, commercial summer. Rivers
burned. Earthquakes. People
sought the tallest fires offshore.

Could the world's Canadas
mountain trees up to size
for a corner year of commerce?

Oil was certain, raw,
dated as drought, CO2,
and viral outbreaks.

Quality privately wintered
in 160,000 domestic ecosystems
from San Andreas to Salton.

The coast practiced
Sacramento lilacs, annual
as America, the product of growth.

In Calaveras, the Well found
feedback in the market place.
California reproduced capital drought.

Herbivores dominated our play
trees for years, approximating
photosynthesis and peddling tsunamis.

Supply curves simulated the distance
from river to respect, sufficient
to drain our journals dry.

Bristlecones pointed to oil fields
where big chills tolerated
the useless storage of islands.

Insects,united on deserts,
relict as thick lead,
critical as routine coasts,

carried species through faulty
summers, through frost-free
and evergreen networks of petroleum.


Now, earnest watersheds
unite the cisterns of wealth.

New species surface in the oil,
forest pests high on rain.

Hot values die of salt water,
the winter kill of greasy trade.

Inland, expanses of stress
flow way north to July.

Exhibit: bronchitis and meditation,
the well-recognized brine,

the juxtaposition of habitats
in documented states.

One million endemic workers
trend north to San Diego.

This arid state abandons broadleaf
genotypes and other virtues.

The Klamath Understanding
is a cure-all for Greater Petroleum.

The American Fish and Flora Company
lies to perennial Whitney.

Given the northernmost winds,
will this species occupy ridges?

Will energy peak when the short
states become great metropolises?

Will monetary carbon
repeople salt flats and forests?

Can the River still
experience spring?

Can pines be wilderness
with timber in rotation?

Can curative warming
diversify our cities?

Can fresh water elbow out
swaths of sour fire and food?

The Delta's herbivores, bottled up all
spring, rid the hills of regenerated forest.

Frost-hardy, giant plants, carved
from Texas, skim streams for cholera.

Nuisance towns, Chapin and Cumming,
scrape the limit of infestation.

Water is time and shadows,
potential millions for sensitive

California where hot brine precipitates
Arctic nitrogen under the vulnerable trees.

Chilling invasions at Catalina and Mono
double the testimony of winter habitat.

Nevada recommends downregulating
sequoias and mature heather.

The circular Valley ignites blankets
to harden the Medicine Creek Annex Fund.

The mixed physiology of Oakland
canals costs the ancestors product.

Three hot bays hear the beast cascade
through Yosemite, united in cold and discovery.

Subarctic patent-medicine wells
dry up, no climate left to bottle.

The savage winter pumps deep
for steep decades of dollars.

Harvest fire. Cut volcanoes.
Gather on the crowded coast.






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