Deborah Meadows




"Persistence, a peculiar characteristic of calling the door
            a symbol with a large vocation, and finally
            after the sonnet tradition and sacred rhymes
            that it corresponds poetically to see, ignorantly
            or wisely.

"Like a religious tract, the sonnet is religious in its attention
            to certain characteristics but doesn't function as
            a Castilian example of rima sacra

"It interests me to follow you, Jesus mío

"My angel leads me to the market's wind of tomorrows.
            The line between now and tomorrow means
the divided consciousness of St. Augustine (Lope de Vega sonnet)

"But tomorrow is for revolutionaries.

"So the sonnet connects writers such as Nicolás Guillén
            and Golden Age angelic figures by the door.

"Like my suspended question from arcane mud, I say,
            go, pass into contiguous rooms of this house,
            our mute abilities, double fantasies.

"Parabolas come from the mentality that sees truth
            in concrete images yet sees knowledge
            mediated by abstractions.

"Tabernacles and erotic ones.

"Now the resistance to "I" poetics is active & not only
            reduces to unopened doors but goes far to crystallize
the lack of tempestuous resolution not in subsequent
poems said to be written thus as if the old amenazante
            is going to irrupt from beneath the consequent forms
                        of the next season
                        of the next word.

"How is it that in all these years Kafka was the only
            one to request entrance?  The custodian holds
the door as a possibility only for you, closes it only to you."




            So, here, dump Rio explicitly, charge the film's
orthogonals who recognized kids' segregation
            in print that p.m., hundreds of events in voice-over
lamely tried for a humoresque run at political things, actively offer
            the impoverished situation a joke, yuk
at the expense of scavengers, drug-traffickers
            in favelas of New York, throw down a bus
load choked to death, two very recently
            near a child witness police evaluate
psychologically for reason, money, inescapability
            of hardship, so crafted a reading of news
could be a naturalistic novel whose purpose
            dissipates as determined lives of drug lords,
client states where product emerges run to stereotype,
            ethnographic Inferno.






Pleistocene alienation  both T.S. or Shang
dynasty, speedup on our literary archipelago

Tested ingots, sutured, nurtured Syrian city

Urban imagination                  some repercussions
in Damascus, pipes, ample structures

Apparatus, faced with smooth control
            rainwater security, squatter-grid
fathered bomb, odor of pavement --
            aspiration toward ruin, reclamation,
resettlement     dogs & vendors siphon power
            T into it

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