Alana Madison


please spare me your anaconda

every time someone corrects someone's grammar

or spelling on the internet

it feels like 9/11 all over again

but don't worry

whatever it is

it's not as bad as Moulin Rouge


and what is the name of the planet that you live on

that elusive trailer park

princess online chatting with friends

and loved ones during work

promoting your own projects

my breasts are extremely white cornering

the market does digging through

secondhand items looking for a deal

count as art in my little neighborhood

restaurants make me fear

that our little pockets of dining

will get turned into a restaurant-row

akin field hockey doesn't count

are they even comfy misshapen lips

curve with issues of authenticity

and the proper representation of old school


Quite apart from anything else it's heinous poetry corporate salami pass the mouthwash
thanks so much


I mean honestly how many working-class high school educated Texans like sushi eastern
religions and the water cooler syndrome on the internet over nothing I found myself
nodding at my monitor like a little plastic dog saying yes repeatedly it is important to note
that while the average person's day is far too full of important activities to watch television
there is usually plenty of available time to post a myspace bulletin whenever they do
something or in extreme cases think something please draft me into your culture last month
I caught a mistake in The New York Times emailed it to them and they fixed it I still get wet
when I thinking about it


"Language v. experimental goes through the usual suspects, like Fran Tarkenton, Dan
Marino, and Ben Roethlisberger. Tarkenton is somewhat easy to ignore since the expansion
Vikings won only three games his rookie year, despite the fact that he put up exactly what
your writing in this vein sounds like: your attempt to justify your own practice, without a
shred of understanding about what other practices have been, or are." --Ezra Pound is the
president and founder of Metro Ministries International, America's largest ministry to
children with branches in various nations. He is a well-known speaker, author, pastor and
friend of poor inner city children all over the world. While in prison, Pound wrote a book,
"American Desperado: An Autobiography of Failure and Dysfunction," in which he
described sneaking into the bedrooms of girls, including his sister, and looking at and
touching them when he was a teenager in New Jersey.

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