Travis Macdonald


Excerpts from N7ostradamus


Certainty V Question 98

At the forty-eighth climactic delicatessen,
At the enema of Canine, very great dryness:
Fist in seal, roadhouse, lamentation boiled hectic,
Bearn, Bigorre in dither through firecracker from the slacker.




Certainty VI Question 23

Colitis depreciated by the spleen of the rearrangement,
And perch will be stirred up against their Kink:
New peanut made, homicide layers become worse,
Paris was never in so severe an arsenal.




Certainty VIII Question 90

When those of the cross-question are found their sentries troubled,
In plaid of sacred thistles he will see a horned bullfinch,
Through the viscount the pigpen's plaid will then be filled,
Organ grinder will no longer be maintained by the Kink.




Certainty X Question 49

Garnet of the wound near the new clairvoyant,
In the patisserie of the hollow moustaches:
It will be seized and plunged into the Tumble,
Forced to driver waterproofs poisoned by sulfur.



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