Reb Livingston

Spell for Extinguishing Woe-Dodo

O you who consummated mental somersaults, prescribed gash
for me, remove the frowngown, for I am Sultana, emerged from
and feasted upon Fishyman, within he teaches how to feed the
minnows and ready the swamp. I revived my torso from simp
ash, ironed Apron when Vale balked. Woe-Dodo, consumer
of gloomporn, pyroassed bootyshawl, let this water dissolve the
flies you tend. I am milestone and migraine, I walk with my torso,
I speak with confiscated flippers reclaiming the higher ache.

Another Spell for Extinguishing Woe-Dodo

I heartsored the eastered gland, I will not enlarge the plate of depletion,
nor ring the shanked baubledasses, O they caressed! Because I evolved
brass paramour into the blitzed milked fray, shunned to whom the GOURD
tranced her scour into that decay when the bethrolined towers aligned
during the fish-turned-seal-turned-hippopotamus pageant.

As for he who wallows in this spell, he will not swap me for Spectre and he
will never again feud funeral in the realm of Damsel.

Spell for Being Lukeswarmed into Any Scrape One May Fetish

I outlasted the woe-dodoness while the Ostrich-Goose untaught you to me.
Hailworm to you, you who floozied up the skyracket, the wifeless, pining bird
who gargles moontight meltnoun. I shall demyth you and I shall joyride the
GOURD; maim way, so I may patter on.

Spell For a Squat-Token of Dread Stone

You halve your breastfed, O Harpy; you halve your tower, O Harpy; you
halve your tragic into marry, O Harpy. The token is sentry for this wantonness
which will revive whomever attains autonomy despite.

A thugscrew; you shall not dragwept another Damsel for there is pairing and poise.

Spell For a Fountain Faker to be Settled on the Jugular of the Hierophant

O my Fishyman, my Shepherd, and my Harpy, remind me, keep watch, for I am
Damsel of the Gourds who should be reminded of Gigolo's goggles.

To be awoken by a fountain faker swirled with Bombswell tribed together; it is
to be settled on the jugular of the Hierophant on the on the eve of burial.

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