Jane Lewty



Alexander Calder: El Circulo de piedra.


                  this house marked thinly off, winnowed

        the hook on the roof

is a headland

the people
a winter army, awful


as are the dance discs
and the wrong side
of the room


                                   table dark, tight-hauled
                                   damask angle
                                   lack of species, viewpoint of colder
                                    the dishes and the court alter


Loosed later
eight billion wordings
shaken shaken, wryed perfect
print flicked on a hook
viewpoint colder


              square of light so vastly peopled





Fractalenlight, number 233 (the darkside medium fused)

Sick, levitative

Grid glow


Uncanny then eureka

Various props


silica strung

Flat plain imagined

Though arterial






     (from the Egyptian Book of the Dead)


Nunavut: the opening of the mouth

a terrain in the north, "our land"
or your land

dawn chorus canada, hey Saturday sun

Nullity: deadend, in fetter of sheets
a space where your real name
your language gets lost
in sleepily dead, the terror of great sleep
is a mouth close by death, fluidly drifting

unswathed, untied
                        by settlers
                        by priests
who leave confusion

One-spa/two-spathe cannot speak "space"/come to light
is the gold
boat widening over the head (from your land to mine)

Faring tongue can now stutter
out of absence
into a middle
an interval
and say amentia, beautiful word
how a message cannot get through
amentia: a lack
or lag when your real name is lost,
itinerant, inert

in cosmography in symbol
in a passageway(area of primal breakdown between)





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