John Lacey



Euphoric necrosis fuels the absurd

Intellectual invitation.. synthetic symbolism, the gateless
antithesis..psychonautical alienation..Banishment of varying agonies..Iridescent
relevance overlooked, . . . respiratory defection- fermented, distilled euphoric
dysphoria-this one’s for you!

retroactive ideals fashionably late and beyond useless as always. . .. Petrified
passivity, lusts lost, precarious prides shaken. . .bound by five, always
five..grandiose plots,victorious losers, bloated and morally spent slide down the
corner on a wave of apathy. . .Destruction transmits chaos...savour a taste less

Absurd disassociation..untrustworthy proclivities refine the mass of madness. . .




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