Mary Kasimor


free market

she (hera)
knocked together a dozen or
                so heads
                god killed billions
bodies over
the abyss    empty brains
& chipped red
                    fingernails buddhism
breathes out
compassion the state
filled with prophecy & the future's
the serenity of prometheus
who has
accomplished pain
                if I could be less I
would be more than
the hairs on my head
                counted by the gods
who made us    &
then laugh at our despair
                    the canvas
is absurdly simple
hera can only count to
ten & connect the dots
                her lovers are
a serious business
she rolls with them &
repeats their mysteries
has not heard a word
                     she taps her pen with
an arrhythmic heart
beats later
she is born wrapped in pink






if I hide in the woods/chewing roots
or mold & trees caught
the slash of light/
                my burial
the fingers emerge from
the heart hanging onto dear
                    my dearest/
I am unformed& lightning struck
temper is contained on the acreage
            the blood
I stepped on her toes
                    the lady slipper/
I gulped the strange brew
I knew you    then
in the wilderness of wild music
                the taste of
loss grown from my tongue
celebrations/ you are here
           in black
antiquity comes
from the fire
don't go away
I need you
& the leaves embalmed
into stone    a quixotic dismissal
the exit purges
absence    & wine dreams
a muse stomps on
give me back my privacy
in a communal/
song/    I am a note
                the rest/ when you
tore my heart






if it would be
different from the same
countless chances
far away
close up
these molecules I can't describe
an exit from the entry
if I could choose
the musical nature
war is an
                    I arrange
by not listening
the songs
of barking dogs swaying
when the wind
loose the electrons
we are arranged
in squares
selling odds & ends
disturbed secrets
hearing them mumble
about lost love
futures lost later a joyous
space a spot
in the wilderness
exploration leans
the heart
the conscious feet




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