David Harrison Horton


from Great Coat


And if by plan goals get set
and made
among the sticks and spires
of the surrounding realia
a splinter abutting the monumental
without buttress or shirtsleeves
an old folk song to remind
that the connection at times
must be human





Loss is written
on the dust that briefly
settles in the lungs and hearts
of men,
with the next strong wind
this Lei Feng learned at 7
an orphan
bags packed for his aunt's house





Birds among the images
horseshit on fire
the smell of puke and piss
the symbols that act as referent
Lei Feng a seven year old boy
helped his aunt do a great deal
of work





An age of concrete and rebar
rebuilding a nation
and laying down rails
there will be time for love later






Follow with the serenity
of somnambulists
the red star
that is your beating
follow Mr. Lusk
into the Museum
to determine for yourself
just how gloriously
everything that has come before
is to this moment




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