Peter Grieco



[1 - 100]

The two of you
with all this on
will, by then,
some would could do.
So know what are
me from these,
he from them,
has from is--
First they said
"out" then "up,"
now, not down
but if. Which one?
Who, when in his time
did see, or what
there was, must be
about?Such as her for
him, much more
than we.All our
been made us
its men.






[101 - 200]

Come.Shall day take back the night
& make himself king?Shall years
take new love, whom mind called still?
Take nothing while each, both, long
& tell another where.Give place
to life, because, because, because,
because while thought seemed far away
thoughts found & took & find again.
Never say might or set eyes
against the whole or put between
between between without hand or heart
or being.Go not.Think not, yet.






[201 - 300]

Mother words soon end.However, light
cannot.Father knew almost enough
having done better, since morning, Lord,
when death stood & hands asked, "Does
use matter?"Form herself began
& woman gave water.Let Gutenberg--
white & poor & next--believe
anything, full certain, that a room
turned quiet & a voice less true told
& soon passed.Enough money taken &
works given, whose large want
for a kind wife, means power.Best
others order less.Half round
friend, keep thy feet.






[301 - 400]

Already lost & in a whether city held
where along air answered several times gone
where children cried behind reason & sure
where letter received in open body
why indeed business united above care
& a dear girl & a son thus state thus
where thee become earth alone
during times known perhaps public
& leave open help & English laws.
The hour replied, the state, the ground
perhaps nature itself, therefore call
& wish & question truth, looking forth.
Mean soul, I'll speak, & women, spirit,
rest, & coming fire feel.




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