Vernon Frazer


Up Ending

Colorectal pancake strata
souvenirs for the guideline finish
an apparatus long delayed
under suture toward wind chime follies
or near pellagra under the verdigris
chanting reversal polish unclued
for leaking the stratagems liking
their fossil line of facile stripes
and lewd conundrum stickers
potted along the patio tables
a disarray whose jonquil precedents
rummage tranquil overture clues 
stabbing the back acid ladle
a quest for greater meaning
in the starts that finish the race




The Future Brings

Salmon feet
brushstroke, toadies set the llama bed:
courier maladies at bay.

Fibroid epiphanies juncture
dissembling artifact reruns on casters,
a polyflux dividend

in surgical madness buttons
on rental.

Dividend bluster to the contrary,
fascination holds itself at arm’s-length
pending sugar outlets.

Varicose medleys 
strain an aching gland past the breakers
on watch

for cresting. Avenue reruns
mottle the custard thread before entering
the nest at full gallop

seeking cluster motifs for their next




Weathering the Norm

Jump cut tempo splice:
pianoforte mix on match point’s
latest leap, a barking tundra

seeps through the mired grate.
But for the price-fixing heap scratched
under the veil, an oblong surfeit

of crater mass poorly cast
on strong beds for willing seepage
and sleeping cluster phobias,

the fast would gladly heap their
shattered joints. A cruising fuselage
slowly pancakes the latter point

with sheer assembly. Near
the goal’s posted coastal fixtures
the bracket only creeps toward

the text conjunction next
aligned, but, once sliced akimbo,
the mixed marsh signs archly

under a toned bravado’s shed. 
Mostly no matter, the liquid python
glides over dead shores

tracing the old rout streams 
to boot the deepened foot ramp
beaconing the lighthouse




A Wresting Desire

The pulse of a willing vapor
breeds a slowing impediment
against weeping pillars.

A marbled flesh proceeds 
only to the next animus, stops.
Still as a windless moment

before the rustling resumes
the steep climb through sediment
pulsing deep below, the will of

its intransigent murmur eases 
over aching terrain. A dense need
creeps slowly past sleeping 

pores.  Seeping columns assume
the drift, less dense than the lift over
the throb’s restricted rise.   




Working Art

Rectangular azimuth pledges
cling to fluid reclamation markers,
tilling reverberation panels

darkly toward arrears 
in saturation. Camels, slowly turning,
pace to a watered fling

across a scattered envoy,
persiflage united on a flag trail stammer:
consonants against the wind,

a canvas to bargain its nature.

Furthering legends mottled
the passage from bottled arcana
to staggering home at dawn.

Lectures enjoyed fluorescent salvage.
Coconut avenue twists at parlance sweeps
across unheralded trajectories 

where palettes creep along the sand


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