SJ Fowler


(balkan seaparty)

read daughter
compelled birchling, sand
in horn
line double sens
brack //
we crack the spines
duns northward face wherein
jeans, olfactory hallunicantions remnate her




omens in this table
concern facial deformities
in premature children and their
ominous significance
letters reveal that deformities
in human and animal births
were taken very seriously




Angel you with the hanging hair
                                                Mihai Eminescu

mexican used mirrors, for diving
the future and communicating with the
a doublefaced obsidian mirror
through which he could see people
polished obsidian produces an
indistinct, fugitive image
of the beholder. In it,
I check, then sculpt my hair
5 reflections, a drooping angel quincux




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