Adam Fieled



from Apparition Poems



Poems: do this every day, it

becomes like roulette without

being (or seeming) Russian; if

you go here what happens, if

you move your knight onto a

new square can you take all the

pawns (at once, even, why not

be ambitious?), not everyone is

simpatico, the knights often say

they're kings, the board is clay.



for Stephanie

I'm having a better time now,
I told her, its unfortunate that
you were happier fifteen years
ago, but you certainly had your
chance, those days we sat next
each other different places, and
of course your best friend the
idiot, Queen of Sheba, now here
you are back hot to fool around,
suddenly I call the shots, I'm a
real hot-shot, there's a shot we
might actually shoot each other,
because violence is what you want--
she unzipped her dress, frowning.




This posse wants "success," in

all the wrong ways-- down by

the old corral, I had a shoot-out

with the leader, who gave his girl

black eyes, battered thoughts, but

she's devoted, because she counts

"success" on the wrong fingers, I

hated to see her get trampled by a

buffalo herd-- anyway, ten paces,

I nailed him right in the heart, but

wasn't bothered, that part of him

never worked to begin with. Eat

dust, I said in parting, write about

how it tastes, you might "make it"

after all, but keep it in your mouth.




She says she
wants babies

from me, she
sends this to

me, nudging
my body in a

straight line I
recognize for

its blue streak,
I'll give her a

baby, I say, it's
part of a plan,

besides spaces--




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