Raymond Farr



Meteors Are Sexy Sexy, Or Don't You Want Your Change, Sir?

Something cranberry

Flies time
In reverse order

To a hole in
A sequence of

Square human scalp

Kisses elitist dark kisses
Capable of ashen

I sew on a pome
Name it e. e.

A drunk as a pelican
Is a kissing pollen

Maybe rien
Edie Falco rien

That small small

A platform on shoes
Of Jutes bouncing checks

:I the ridiculous
Sunning in sunChimes--

“Don't you want your change, sir?”

:& I the
--U. K. pi flakes

Matter like
An s falling upwards

In 6 frames of 35 mm
At ten frames per second

Au lait is a dream
Telling our fortune

A gravy boat El Greco
Heaves like a wavelength

That smart smart troubadour
Has out & out speed

Donnez-moi you lopsided kisser
I am someone who pauses

A Time as wild as
A wild wild moor

I think but coins in a hat
I pause when you

Shell game
Strumming one river

& during duration

I am caustic while STOP sign





Holly Wood & James Dean: frgmnt of a ghost tale

                        Reason is an aid to stories. It's the ghost
                        out of the cell.--Lyn Hejinian

Holly's monolith de l'histoire
[James Dean]    what Holly wld kiss
like death rocks below

What occurs while no one is watching--

hope bending us to serve us:

                        “In this scene
does little road-kill-child

                        --a camera that pans

[Locked tight on
the shoe of]          [The face of]
Holly's Lacan-grid simulacra
simulacra-of-etc] hell-bent on Main St.

& strangely & w/ palm trees south of--

Our thens devour us
Our snails are tropes--

                        How do I explain
this shot to you? If you don't already
know what I'm saying?




Shady Plague Years

Dearest Maestro,

Bocce specialist first class presidentially
Has lost control of the remote /&/or

Back--k--home on the range--l--m--n OZ
Pea-wee kiwi pi & doom 're
Scheherazade's only means of labor conveyance /&/or

All over Rotterdam
Mice &/or The Big Easy Big Macs 're
Ploughed into graves
A simple glass shoe /&/or

The plague isn't evident
But I have sneezed ten times in five minutes

Yrs altruistically,
The Human Populace





An Ending In Repose

One congenial, swan-like
monad of gestalt,
Ms. Page
sunbathes her skin perpetually
in total glare.


To see “in” (past reflected light)
is ghostly to begin with.

The children require boosts.

                        O, Faust, she thinks,
patters in situ (dynamically) off-shore.

A dog (no one knows whose.)

(What does it mean
Beware of the Dog
if two dogs coexist
like Faust in her thoughts?

She is thinking she holds
her dreaming
against herself.)

& of course
because of the children:

O, Faust is at a far remove.




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