Raymond Farr


mississippis of interpretations


in mighty mississippis of interpretations
I keep pretending

Ennui is the oui in [is's] torso

Or toni M. shoes
I'm in
This music is

Bye bye, sxSquared zooPHYTE
canvas in black & white
hot inKline
is off kilter

& on purpose

I love to imagine a Sudan
Of sixes
written in sand
the ink
of the impossible
sun-dried till it's

an Ox Bend

badlands of
From Vineland

In control
Is not the issue

Purchased nonexistence is the issue
Torsion is the issue



9 Lives,
a vessel,

a small creature
named Harrison


lure coexists
underworld cosmic
Gelatin to romp more cogent in mangrove

I can't imagine a Golgotha
More Disney-like than Kansas, Iowa, the blunt earth people
Dropping calls
interior monologues
city velocity

Here is every type of
Someone needed--

Objects on a
Surface: I, I, I (intermediate):        &, peering into delicious

earring.        Alice in.

Played back.
Darker than winter.
built in.

Cut out
like random.

                :        oh, miles of

I too am inked
Algernon Swinburne naked ankle mode

the ramparts'
cooked Europa


Radicchio radio waves
Reformat the Gouda

static comic swears thru radically sensitive teeth
The goat people pronounce it

damaged umbilicus

Life is a funny funny two year old bitch
In Bologna
spasming dadada dadada

Set volume
Eleven cum seven

though miles away --separate species canoe reconfigured

a gorge
in A similar page

& the city a rodeo
& I
are like one

putting down the Basque powder seemed

a rhetorical act

Ginger reference performs
& 7 made poems
Witness the windowless room

I am pitiless
to be ogled


imagine pie is a differential

You have set out to discover the hill & its meaning
The level of difficulty
Climbs past you
Flaunting meticulous phonemes--

no meaning but in no meaning
& strings attached

Epic Jenny spins in Haiti
Palm hat
/ fake identity dizzy gillespie moon pie
steals homer
for kids' sake
absorptive lines flamenco etc

Break across egg white Wisconsin

Ulysses        the blow
Are these relationships the same?


I hurried to write
I am Ivory Coast

Arguments between two Hildas
map out delirious serum

Spacer--by        Jackal Spicer
Piddles little
Raven microfiche
To ruinous fruition--

Ionic dryadic fruition soiree ,

I am raw
As I slog I am

exactly darkness


Capsules popped open
Come tumbling from dead eyes deaf ears
purple toenails--

A human sweater of remembering!

Our turnstile's turnstile bathed in bergamot splendor!

What makes ironic
Clacking False Teeth Gag
Mocked by space bar
A space bar?

When y're Alice y're blind
of those
Missing hilarities

alluring defiance

, swift building seasĀ 




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