Dion Farquhar



That's the way the world is
Just tell me that you want me
the kettle's in the oven

I'm not making this up
a curt briefing cut short

the morning they turned 14,
swirled the frosting over them
went to the dojo for Matt's run-through
came back to a trail of crumbs
burrowed with his muzzle

what to do now, going
the flavor-of-the-week

nothing to show for it
dusty well-worn woodcuts
barns burned

motoring what is not
resenting the present
a self-hating abject majority
suffers a minor tasering

too close to close
gets worse the further down you go
the bower and the scraper
ever a scrapper
marveling at the contented dog
dreaming birthday cake

Don't say that you love me
parakeet lays four subprime eggs
disguised as a microwave

chiefs are crawling to Kurtz
bled out, dispossessed

I baked two cakes,
& left them on the counter
forms before the belt test
Jack had dug a five-inch trench
through the middle

paperless, but urgent
disaster damage control

cluttered wunderkammers
some black cloaks in the closet
class: free agents with no choice

panic along with pushback
objecting to the object
doped daily

up against it: a low-cut mess
a stacked rack, a chest best
never a tailgater
free falling
sleeping in a sun puddle
smiling, a Platonic drool


gnawing my paw
no pal palliative
a pall over
the River Kwai
preferring pretend
paypal                playpal
play gal gala gallop
gallapagos gallumping
oversized turtles
exotic beasts
exceeding ostrich
avant la lettre
animal rights
a founding father
French poster-boy
refusing to renounce
his sheep-wife,
a dewey difference
flying pixies
out the window
founding free
with no choice
locked up for life
a perversion
casually stressed
kingdoms sowed
from dragon's teeth



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