Anna Elena Eyre


A tired character had they
thought of what they
asked before had they
applied it to their they
could shrug an inconsistent they
signed A for singular they
all plural & circular they
not sure where you disappeared to they
A me/we source A err or they
know no error vacuum they
so silly rotate per pin dick you lurk they
A register A ding dong they
A make sense this pulse they
all about not not given up an answer they
not sure the correct answer of they
not sure of these questions they
struggle round immeasurable rulers they
want A balance to make up they
for the absence that's present they
materialists see a body worn they
wear shirts on backs like they
hearts on A sleeve buttoned up they
laced tight corset mouths they
mouth intelligent precautions they
silence they


A softer exegesis he
said what you said when he
left to come forward he
remained somewhat awkward he
A poor love sick bastard he
resemble A toss and turn structure he
A synapse fire that burns residuals he
can't resemble none of what he
was at the right A thinking he
A good think I can engine he
toot toot A way up out A anchored he
spell A the same forward backward he
sure the letter is presentable pleasure he
licked & sealed the envelope he
was delivered anĀ is is he
says is is is was was were you he
not sure why direct address he
past & present in singular future he
not concerned A bout that actually he
naming A call A broad stroke he
A wind that knows no begun end he
so sweet continuous gerunding he
pulls plug he
talks he


today the world is A charge she
A molecular structure shifts substance she
acquire A statue that suits her standard she
call to you to say A sampling she
carries small pies in baskets chocolate pudding in pumpkins she
heard the decision to flatten stance as jigsaw she
gonna dance A fine tone watch out she
call you an ostrich and hold you an octopus she
frightened the curve of line spectacular she
travels some distance to stand & watch gymnasts she
A bat swung herself solid she
absolute A flexible block she
what was said was said she
in doubt of circumstance as experience she
marshmallow fluff tongue taste bud she
all about all she
about no know thing she
clickety clack a long simple derivative she
annihilate an executive transistor she
flesh you out an unraveled laugh she
could be a distant nearness she
a close far ness she
a ness she
carries an absolute non essential she
your she


there's A sad truth A resurrection we
charge one another's flesh static we
spark A quick pop jolt & snap we
bare branches that thread & collect wind we
body's body out of body in the breath we
of the particle riff we
the disassembled molecules & err we
irresistible irresponsible we
some life what it is is A life we
smell like last night up when we
should be asleep for the next day we
not A routine we
A compulsion A pulse we
forced to hit this we
put it to your lips we
want you to too to try to forget we
in the element A hit hits it we
out of it when we
just got it we
note each breath's show of sum total we
ok with that we
want to bring it round faster we
don't want an intervention an invention we
in this at own cost we
A body that's not a body we
an addiction there's no stop or heal we
one step over the line at all times we
not better or worse we
rather be at the skirts of limit we
don't think you get absolute we
absolutely absolve ourselves of we
would do anything for just that last we
A figment of the last puff we
gone to encapsulate A dungeon we
consume and consume all and at every cost we
cost relation & jobs and we
not sure when we'll get put out we
not out yet we
will be & then what we
impossible to locate we
will contact you if & only then we
want to confess something to tired hands we
know your magician is A card house we
knock it over inside ourselves we
in control of that bargain we
know the shots & call on yours or else we
an absolute continuity we
fine with chemical exploit we
A slave of body we
empty we



the industry is variable us
vulnerable us
not know the number us
A pile of human flesh us
A movement prioritized lawless us
not A habit but A habitat built up us
cauterized at the mouth us
an alarm that keeps going off us
in loud enough wind to cradle us
knocked out anyhow us
on a curb outside of crib us
wrapped in blankets us
asking for a bailout us
never seen no kind of money us
didn't lie before us
fist in hand ready for A trample us
there when the doors slid open us
A small one at table us
crawling in the lap of uncle sam us
leaning on him us
pulling out his hearing aid to listen to us
bird call chirp chirp us
the electronic whistle that fizzles us





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