kari edwards

four other four letter words

the disposition must be depressed thematically, chiseled on broader in-between line, something slightly more complicated than "food for thought," or "that which never fails in a pinch." any ways, the clouds drift away, everyone was buying the feeling better top soil home improvement, which constituted a fresh start after the-luck-of-the-raw and there were winners every time, with complete makeovers and discount coupons. after an intensive study and a familiar state, incoherent ideas formed and were immediately dislodged. a new measure of steps to the old dance was added. old songs were shining trout again and dead batteries were exchanged for new ones with the correct cut off dates. creation neighborhoods disappeared off the maps, along with there faces. eyes glassed over and ceiling fans were reinvented. and for no apparent reason, their were no more side-effects, just periodic tables and regular associations.

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