Pat Clifford


from Mural


See how the walls are punishing a guilty house
The public posting on the walls
Assumed as Tintoretto made up Paradise
A celestial skirt alien to willful acts

Keep looking at the walls
Rewarding a founder intent on terrestrial assembly
The precise forfeiture out of step with full-blown prose

The slightest hall
Because it had nowhere to go
You are a not-founder in a group of allegories
A distance from this crowded earth




He enters a place of resolve and business. On the table there are the
workings of rock music. Nobody says no to rock music.

One day he shall know. You cannot make so young an influence unless
you've had a lot more than the adults. He was in this way shaped further as if to demotion.

To articulate a spine drawn to chairs in the evening. To run past with a
balance stapled around his adoption. A "protection" "as they go."

They are doing a difficult problem on the kitchen table. Where exactly is the
paper of their liking?


Put words in his mouth.
Large blank sheets.


Friday olive
Friday portrait




The city required the train of acknowledgement. The city full-blown and unswinging.
The city is choosing not to choose. The city was unfinished all of a sudden. The city
not even the permanentheadquarters of the inquisition. The city was discovered in the
space of another. The city was swept away. The city ahead of their peers. The city was

The city is the whole problematic. The city can only see buildings or even worse. The
city enjoyed periodic infatuations. The city tried to unravel this. The city was embarrassment.
The city completely furnished and unfurnished.




Had the bridge turned
Back these prospects nowadays
Let the bridge look peace
The bridge they and the submission between the bridge
I mean composition of penance
You the bridge survived in childhood imagery



after Mahmoud Darwish

I came down the long stone stairway
to a city a hundred years washing herself

Shed as we watch her
growing to look at the boss

Stay alive and blind me
not as if this is where the world started

I want nothing more than the aroma
and her overplaying delay





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