Joel Chace


From Antietam


It was written in a composition booklet similar to the blue exam booklets used today for college essays, measuring approximately 8-1/2 by 6-3/4 inches, bound by thread that had been broken or rotted, and some of the pages were out of order.  What you've shined.  Cold and wet and exposure use up an old man, when a young one gets over anything after a few hours of sleep and a good breakfast.  Kate Smith's subtle rendition.  Human nature was on the rack, and there burst forth from it the most vehement, terrible swearing ever heard.  The crank nerved it all up.  

He says"It Is What It Is" one more time, I'm gonna rip out his fucking vocal chords.  "She dared him to diagram it.  Though unwilling to shear such offensive twists of nearly pubic grit from his jaw, the corporal also seemed unable to fully grow it out to at least a thickness that would not serve as an embarrassment to the Division and an affront in the eyes of the Lord Almighty.  Cartoon of a wind-blasted boulder.  Information trickled in throughout the evening but stopped altogether once night became a thick smear of insects.  Unconscionable number of tans.  But one of my officers long afterward assured me that he could have walked on the dead bodies of my men from one end of the line to the other.  

The next project will be defining the line between confusion and near confusion.  Intransitive bird.  Her brilliance led to all those unparalleled constructions.  Suddenly a stir beginning far upon the right, and running like a wave along the line, brought the regiment to its feet.  The diarist almost always eschewed the use of periods to end sentences.  It is clear that he has been rendered unconscious, probably by drugs, and that this is his first"coming to" since the end of the last scene.  Gabbing actually accomplished a great deal.  Not ice.  And for my next trick, I'm going to make syntax appear right before your eyes.  

The prospect was far from encouraging, but the order came to get ready for the attempt; our knapsacks were left on the ground behind us.  He was forced to invent an entirely new pattern of abuse.  In and of itself, the speech was rather disappointing, though we'd glued ourselves to its allusions.  To painstakingly split an infinitive.  Whatever happened in that room would have remained a mystery if it hadn't occurred to us simply to ask.  "Not today, sweetie," she said with great difficulty to the child; she barely lifted her head off the chaise, then added,"Please."   A creek that ran red with blood.  


Meaningless phrase:  no such thing.  As soon as he stepped out of the tent, he realized how drunk he had become; he thought of himself as Elastic Man, hurling off in several different directions.  During her final years, she suffered under the illusion that someone had invented a remedy for rascals.  As we stood looking upon that brilliant pageant, I thought, if I did not say,"What a pity to spoil with bullets such a scene of martial beauty!" What we've done has mostly accumulated.  Stitch's itch refreshed.  The longer you stay in bed, the more you stretch time.  


Here, recourse was had to strategy.  When we asked him where the battleground was, he said,"You are on it now.  "In all of her great paintings, she named things.  Sign that read:  Please Help--Need More Signs--This Is My Last One!Untutored failure.  We thought we heard water running though it actually was someone moving a table.  This one raves about the main points, while that one keeps the records.  The wounded gray-haired hero called out:   "My boy is here dead, and I shall go soon; but it is all right.  "He claimed he was rebuilding a drum.  



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