Billy Cancel


complex overlapping winter pink slime harbor development
seeking a song for europe    original less heat opportunity    stand
your ground defense    for interactive look look    40 degrees
at 8:36    so swallow this
   festival of troubled nationalism
prevents further exploration    genius realm grand white arch
discrepancy    crackpot province shellacked red surface
requisite isolate qualities    degenerate transcript    premature
constellation    in the squall we met on the esplanade    what's
the difference between tried light & drift a-b-a?    star noise
in analogue    where were you when green peak bird call
ghost fortification?    how many stock fish does it take to change
a light cold?    another wrong number it went on & on
tuesday we raised a glass to the old country by friday we
were toasting black damp    through the wall softly of
terminal hotel    this is exchange
   meanwhile an
unabridged history of coney island rolls on    a fire
started in hell's gate burnt down dream
land burnt down dream land burnt down
dream land burnt
down dream land


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