John M. Bennett



nodding buisiness or your slack of
casher facts your stroking tomb
cradle limply stooling cross the
andoline, my stooled resources caus
tic on the stool i kept my clockout
in oh stooler fishing pay the stunner
tomb my lotion housing where my
heavy arm's my nodding lake and fast



usher up my pants' reduction up
my wallet's freeze my dreaming
noodle in the drunken alley full
of trees and glass and steaming
rain my steaming chin loosens where
its ancient beard and noodles quiver
in the wallet's wind sheer mushrooms
fill my pants my pockets swell




what's lumpy what's stormy
what's clogged what's limply
gashed and tunneled through the
frozen soup what's melting what's
gritty in the soup dripping from the
magazine what's gashed and
soapy clogged what's thumbed
or storming in the fridge's bottom drawer




done to initialize the cumbers
tone or gristle in the d
ark pants the foaming p
hone and noodle rinse
.to raze the listed wall
or toilet brimmed with mu
d my wallet towered in
my sleep ,to flow torn
gasoline your finger g
roping through the drive
way cracks the sticky d
irt the loss of all your shoes



Land Width

led to croaking in the undershirt it
slid a maybe toothbrush shines ,lum
ps and corns ,a window rings the dirt
half you betray I chewed the sleeve
.moth and balls ,ice and motor oil
hair squirming in my watch I
blamed your flooded sock ,limply
crawled across the puppet foam a
liver whistle floating in your coff
ee there's my throat inflation
bubbled and useless polished like a
mask of glass I wiped my ash with



Utter Sleep


utter ham slumber comb
a slop
a sent

gift of tunnels in the laundry
hot muck
came fork

shifted and shopped and sugared
test trunk
ankle seems

lost and blubbered in the motor oil
view shaft
dock cluster

miles of tongue the sliver holds
sure lapped
trout loot

bubbles where songster shapes
the chop
the sleep












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