John M. Bennett


Dressing for Less

the labeled log inside yr trace o seeming
lather gutter speed aside  !whiskey and
tooth ,beasts ,rustling watchbands in my
drawer a cloud that was ,broke the knobs
off  .gasholine and floating up my throat
some oily coins a crick of levers ,drawers
,window latches squeaking in the soup I
cupped in my hand o throwup limply flooded

                         that my suit






El Correo del Encuentro

cloture of rocks gland paw fussy lip drivel
or the seething table’s spending all my p
ork steak saved for soup spitting  .my pus
tule lake filled with duck balloons my
hair lamination bursts my hat fork g
leaming in the post office my stamped hand
sent my gurgling sent my doubty lunggage
sent my cross the hall the









=oil phone==
=bomb dust match===
=shoe crystal grape sore====
=mort fog never clotted sunk=====
=it shirt sluggish cheese sprayed======
=clod tune grumbled empty socks=====
=bell hat soaking arm====
=sleeve fire crawling===
=mumbled suit==
=bomber dog cash spreads in chest======
=looter flag gummed the shirt=====
=mice flaw sentient sand====
=grows pants slaw===
=belt shadow==
=barking funnel==
=grasp the leak===
=doc wallet fulla mud====
=musty fellow louder gravel spit=====
=pry my neck with scalding air======






licking ]the[ floor
pile ]the[ flour
aim ]the[ neck
grease ]the[ eye
name ]the[ lip
clot ]the[ numb
blow ]the[ groom
mind ]the[ dime
sore ]the[ pill
flag ]the[ dots
aim ]the[ spore


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